Saturday, July 20, 2013

Slow Summer

The summer has been really slow for me, considering I'm beyond flat broke. I'm no longer getting my $22 a month Trillium Benefit check. No I'm not on Social Assistance. I make $3000 per year which all goes into rent. Yes my parents have me work for their cleaning business and on paper they pay me 3K which in turn goes right to them as rent. So realistically I live off $227 per year, give or take. I don't actually qualify for social assistance despite being what some would consider destitute. I just happened to set myself up in a situation where I've no bills. I chose not to have a cell phone and to pay 3K to my parents per year so I can live at home and enjoy their food.

I don't really mind but it's not the easiest thing when you're not making any income to go out and do things with friends. These days vacation means filming for a day in Toronto once or twice for the summer. I know I'm incredibly lame.

I did however head out to my Cousin James' place for my Uncle Jim's BBQ birthday, that was pretty fun. We'll probably be having a family reunion some time in August.

I hope with the back to school rush, I'll be able to pick up some kind of work.
Birthday CuppyCakes


  1. Hutch, can you do dog walking or some other creative job?

    1. Thank You, however those kinds of odd jobs are rare around here. Most people will just cave for a little kid wanting some chump change to save up for a new toy, but thats about it.