Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just let Beautiful, Be Beautiful.

In the last seven days millions of children, teenagers and young adults have made the trek back to school. A year to grow, learn, live, love laugh and be Beautiful. Beautiful is a state of being and not something defined by society.  Girls and Boys never, ever let the people around you or society dictate your brand of beautiful, being beautiful isn't something you learn to be, takes steps to be it's something you are.

Nobody should say you're not a pretty girl, because pretty girls don't wear boy jeans, sci-fi t-shirts and faux hawk hair. Nobody should say that only beautiful girls dress in pink, purple and close that flatter their girlish curves. Nobody should say that you're not a pretty girl because you don't have a big chest, that your arms are to muscular. Nobody should say you're not a gorgeous girl because you aren't skinny or your to skinny.

Nobody should say you're not a handsome boy, because handsome boys look athletic. Nobody should say you're not a beautiful boy, because beautiful boys don't wear skinny jeans, light pastels and shirts with cute graphics. Nobody should say you're not a handsome boy because your muscles aren't big and you don't even lift bro. Nobody should say you're not gorgeous because you're just a little to fat.

When people say that, don't listen to them. People like that are full of crap. Kids, No people don't be those people, don't be a contributor to a society that thinks they have a monopoly on what makes you beautiful. What has society driven beauty ever achieved? Anorexic young women, Bulimic Boys, Bullying and generations of people who'll never be able to look in the mirror and say " I'm beautiful" and believe it.

Yes I know, everybody has their turn ons and what they find attractive in other people. Thats normal, thats fine but you should never tell a person they're ugly and so disgusting that no one will ever want them and they need to change to be more Beautiful.

It's time to just let beautiful, be beautiful.

Nothing More, Nothing Less.



  1. Well said, and I pray kids will listen. Things may seem rough while you're young, people say mean things, you may not have many friends, but take it from someone who was there.. life can be good. Be true to yourself, stand strong on things that are important to you, be kind even when others aren't kind back.
    You will find the most valued and special friends with kindness and strength.

    Thank you Major for this. It was well said!!

    1. It's something that needed to be said, I'm so tired of this bubble that people push on other people that = the definition of beauty.

      Thanks for the Comment

    2. It's sad that so many of us cannot see how beautiful we are. I'm tired of being told how to look pretty when we are beautiful just the way we are.

      Love yourself and beauty shines all around you in every shape and form!

    3. Thank You so much for dropping in an having a read!

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    1. Thank Ya kindly....Mr/Mrs/miss/ miss anonymous!

  3. You were right! I loved it! Ill make sure to catch up on other great blogs, keep being amazing! @courtcon0910