Tuesday, October 15, 2013

8 Steps to Getting Better Grades At School ( Grades are Important)

I realize something, the main focus of my blog is Bullying but the truth is, I would like my blog to be something of a survival guide for the ultimately crazy school kid soup. Granted wayward parents and generally adults will frequent my blog maybe to understand their kids, maybe they're teachers or just find answers to their own life's challenges whatever the case. I want to make my blog inclusive. One thing school kids always worry about are grades, the one's who don't, probably should.

1.  Make schedule and stick to it. Set a block of time each day for homework, chores and bedtime. Scheduling your time, ultimately helps you save time and also conditions your brain to crave sleep at a consistent hour so your rested for each school day. You also train yourself to do homework during a block of time and it becomes easier to not only focus on work but remember to do it.

2. Eat balanced meals and healthy snacks, your brain needs food in order to thrive. Eating healthy keeps your energy stores high and makes it easier to concentrate in class. A diet rich in junk food and fries from your cafeteria helps your brain wander and lose focus easily and your energy starts waning sooner.

3. ASK FOR HELP, this is a big one. Don't be afraid to ask a teacher to repeat an example. Don't be afraid to ask a teacher for help finding a tutor if you need the extra help. I made the mistake of not doing this in high school and paid the consequences. It wasn't pretty.

4. Read more BOOKS,  reading is essential to life's success and it's one of the few things that effect every facet of your education and work world post school.  Read a good book, get lost in the adventure or the history or the life of a person. Paint pictures with your mind. Reading works more of your brain than texting, tweeting or the TV ever will.

5. Be active, put down your phones, laptops, DS's and all that technology and go play outside, ride a bike, go to the gym just get out there. Burning off excess energy helps you to concentrate and also makes you a far healthier individual and it's often easier to learn when your body feels healthy and good.

6. Have a study space! Having a place designated for studying and doing homework really helps.
Room By Aaron Christiensen 
Working at the kitchen table is find in 2nd grade but as you get older it's not a great solution.  You should have all the things you need to accomplish school work organized in your study area to avoid running around looking for that Pen, Ruler and so forth. If you don't have your own study space in the house, talk to your parents about putting a desk in your room.

7. Use your agenda, most schools even colleges provide students with an agenda or planner. It contains the usual school rule book, calendar of events/ holidays ect...but come on do we really use it? NOPE...but we should. I didn't start using mine until college and it was night and day. Use your agenda to write down assignment due dates, assignment reminders and what your homework is that night. This ensures you don't forget to do something at night and the less homework you don't do, the more points that get recorded into your over all grade.

8. Just take a break, don't forget to take a break while studying and doing homework. It gives your brain a chance to relax and de-stress.

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I hope this Helps...

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