Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Congratulations America, Your Government is now as efficient as Windows 95

Now hear me out folks, I don't care to much for politics. However if I had to really claim one side more than the next, I would probably say Republican if I were an American. Since I'm also a Conservative here in Canadaland. I'm really modern oldy worldy kinda guy. I just think there are some things that worked before and would still work now, if people didn't go around fixing what isn't broke. Like Rogers Cable messing with the guide function on my TV. Canadians who have Roger's would understand this, but I digress.

See the with the government,  politicians are all a bunch of toddlers who unfortunately are old enough to question motives and manipulate perspective and their endgame isn't getting out of a nap or getting a cookie. I think it's high time the guys at the top, learn what the world wants the kid's at the bottom to learn. HOW TO BE A TEAM. Because Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or otherwise the Government will always have to be a team. Because you'll never have a Government where there isn't multiparty representation say and sway.

It's a lot like Hockey, if the Team has to much in will never hoist the cup. No matter what kind of external forces are at play. That team has essentially doomed itself because none of them were willing to work together and play together for the Team and essentially their fans better good.

Because the Government can't play like a Team, It can't be a efficient and guess how efficient Windows 95 is these days?

Food For Thought, Brought to you by a Canuck

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  1. Simple yet completely true. Just may be too simple for the toddlers to want to understand though. Great thoughts Major H!