Saturday, October 5, 2013

Don't Judge a Book By it's Cover

As a society, we place so much emphasis on how a person should look. Whats hot and whats not. We've been programmed this why by our father's before us, as they were by theirs. But I have come to the conclusion that it shouldn't matter how I look or anyone does for that matter.

I see it all the time, beautiful people who are turned away or left out of things, because they don't look right. What are we teaching our children? to be judgemental, to judge merit on other men by the clothes on their backs?  However the first thing we ever tell a child is " Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover", It's something every child learns, while growing up in a world that teaches them other wise.

It's high time we collectively started looking beyond the cover when it comes to people in ours lives or those we've yet to meet. Maybe a girl prefers to wear boys pants, maybe because they're more durable than girls and she just likes them.  Maybe a boy would rather a shirt that says " Mommy's Little Shopper" because he likes to go shopping with mommy more than playing in the sand box. But then these two amazing little children are shunned because society taught us they shouldn't wear those clothes or look that way. That only continues on and now those kids aren't just being left out at recess but shut out of jobs....because they don't look right.

It makes you wonder about where the world would be if we spent more time judging the content of one's character on not their covers. Maybe the world economy would be different because the people who could do the jobs best weren't turned away because she was a women who rocked a man's suit and short hair, Because He was a man who had long hair and wore light pastels and tight pants. Maybe the very high schools we send out children too, would be safer with less bullying because it was ok to dress and look different from the crowd.
I'm a handsome Women, and I can Do IT
I'm A Beautiful Man, I can Do it Too

Next time you see somebody who walks their own path in the looks department. Don't just judge, say HI and spend sometime reading whats between those covers. You just might make a new friend.

A little more Food for Thought.

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